Executive Business English Foundation Course 

Do you want to become confident in your English Business skills? 

Are your English skills holding you back from succeeding in business?

Are you ready to do business in English as well as you do business in your native language?  

10-Week Course Fee $1500 USD

This is a very unique opportunity to participate in a course that was developed by a business executive with more than 25 years of business experience in the United States.  Learn actual North American business culture through real business examples and situation.  This course focuses on three main topics:

  • North American Business Culture

  • Effective Speaking Improvement

  • Business English Writing

You will develop an understanding of actual business culture in the US and Canada.  Why is small talk important and how to become comfortable with it is a central theme of this section of the course.  You will begin to significantly expand your business English vocabulary and this will increase each week.

We will work on many skills that will allow you to become confident in speaking to native speakers and be able to speak fluently during impromptu conversations, during presentations, conducting Q&A sessions, leading online video meetings and much more. 

The course will also provide you with the essential skills to write using the appropriate tone and use accurate and descriptive words to clearly explain your thoughts and feelings.  Writing clear and concise emails, reports, presentations, pitch books, and employee reviews will become much more comfortable for you. 


Past clients have experienced a significant increase in their business English confidence.  Many of them have shared how they now feel FREE of the burden that existed because they previously were not confident in their English skills.  They are are now able to:

  • Advance in their career

  • Do business in any country

  • Relocate to the country of their dreams

The content used in the course is of the highest quality.  It will include material taught in the top business schools in the the world.  Not only will you improve your English communication, but you will also be exposed to great business strategies from some of the highest-rated business experts in the world.  If you are motivated and dedicated to changing your life and improving your Business English confidence, please contact us at info@englishleadershpacademy.com to find out more information.

IELTS Coaching for High Achieving IELTS Candidates

Grant is a Certified IELTS Instructor and specializes in personal coaching of high level IELTS candidates.  If you are seeking a band score of 7.5 or higher, you will be fully trained to achieve and exceed this result.  Grant creates his own content for coaching IELTS and it is 100% based upon the Band Descriptors provided by the official IELTS organization.  You will learn to develop the necessary skills, the appropriate strategy and gain the confidence needed to outperform your expectations.  You will receive very comprehensive training and it will be customized to your schedule.

Grant began coaching clients in IELTS after some of his new student made him aware of the lack of good IELTS instruction throughout the world.  He learned that most IELTS is instruction is terrible.  The traditional IELTS schools are created for the benefit of the school, not for the students.  The IELTS examination is a great test of your English skills.  In order to achieve a very high score on IELTS, you need more than above average English skills.  It is essential that you understand how IELTS marks your exam and the skills they want to see from you.  You will be shown clear and understandable strategies that will allow you to earn a very high score.

Because each person has a different situation, the number of sessions each student needs can vary greatly and we have found the appropriate fee structure is an hourly fee.  The hourly fee for IELTS training is $120 usd.   

Custom Business English Coaching


Private coaching is available for your specific needs.  My past and current clients find that I provide them with great value because of my many years of real-life experience in business experience.   I'm not a typical Business English Teacher.  I'm someone who spent years involved in all aspects of business, and I have extensive knowledge of business, including Executive Level.  This ability to naturally discuss business is very beneficial in our conversations.

My coaching experience focuses on:
US & Canadian Business Culture
Confidently Being Able to Speak Effectively in All Business Situations
Confidently and Accurately Writing Emails, Reports, and Presentations
Specializing in Real-Life Challenging Business Issues
Essay Writing for Graduate School
Editing and Proofreading of Ph.D. Dissertations
Executive Interview Preparation

MBA Class Tutoring
and much more....


For all Courses:

Prior to beginning any coaching, we will schedule a meeting to  discuss your goals and begin developing a potential relationship to work together in the future.  Having all a clear understanding of your needs and my methods will greatly enhances the probability of success.

The programs within ELA are for those currently with average to above average English skills that have a strong desire to improve their future.   You will learn to not only conquer your fears, but you will learn the skills and techniques to excel at communicating with everyone in your life.  Your confidence will soar and you will see great improvement in your relationships at home, in the workplace and amongst your peers.    This is so much more than learning English.