Helping International Business Executives Communicate Confidently in English

Meet Grant Fenton

Grant is an executive business English coach that helps CEOs, Presidents, Executives and Business Owners to improve their business English.

Born in Canada and educated in the United States, Grant has extensive business experience. He has both an MBA and a Law Degree. During the past 30 years, he founded numerous companies, was the CEO of multiple operating companies and worked extensively in many fields.

Since 2019, he has helped hundreds of business executives improve their business English. He understands how much pain business leaders have when they must communicate in English. 

Are you a business executive with these feelings?
  •  Are you a non-native English speaking business leader that is uncomfortable working in English?

  • Do you find yourself embarrassed that your colleagues must make presentations to important clients because you are not confident in your English?

  • Or that your colleagues must answer all of the complicated and uncomfortable questions due to your English not being adequate?

  • Does your lack of English confidence negatively impact your reputation?

  • Do you want to be the same highly successful business leader in English that you are in your native language?

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How To Be The Same Highly Successful Business Leader in English That You Are in Your Native Language

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If you want to learn how to communicate in English clearly and concisely, Grant is the man for the job.


If you want to learn how to craft your business communication and how to capture your audience's attention, Grant is the man for the job.


And if you want to work with a patient, friendly, open-minded, well-rounded, and truly inspiring person, I can honestly recommend Grant as your new tutor.


We have been working together for over eight months, and I can tell you from my own experience that Grant's approach is ridiculously efficient!

Rafal Kunicki / CEO / Poland

"Grant is an attentive and experienced business coach. He provides not just English teaching but also developing hard and soft skills in a business context. He helped me solve my actual issues.


For me, a huge thing was "small talk" art, which is really significant in communication, including business interactions.

I definitely recommend Grant as a mentor for non-native English speakers willing to improve language skills, especially for business purposes." 

Alex P / CEO / Ukraine