ATTENTION: International CEOs, Founders and Business Executives 

Together at the Top

Helping International CEOs and Business Executives Communicate Confidently in English 

Are you are CEO, owner or a business executive that is highly successful and confident in your native language?


And today you know that you must improve your English in order to achieve your dreams and goals?


Are you feeling frustrated about communicating in English as an international business executive? 


  You have tried to improve your Business English skills, but as an executive, you have not found good solutions for you. All the schools and teachers you find are only trying to improve your English and they have no business executive background. They have never worked in business and they don't understand business.


You are not alone!


The good news is, there is a solution specifically for you.

We help international business executives, like you, become confident in your Business English skills.  With 25+ years of executive business experience in North America, we can uniquely provide you with the actual knowledge you will need to be successful.  We will help you understand business culture in the US & Canada, and provide you with the tools to effectively communicate in aspects of your business.  


Our clients gain significant confidence in their Business English skills, but something even more important happens to them.  Their life changes.  They become "free" from the challenges that English has created in their past.  They are now able to communicate in English with confidence.  They now can achieve their dreams of expanding their business and enjoying a better life.  It is so much more than just improving your English skills.  It is about improving your life  We positively change lives!   

I wrote a book that explains how international CEOs and business executives can communicate confidently in English.  Please download your free copy today and find the solution to your problem.